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The Santa Anita "Situation"

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The following is a partial quote from a member at PaceAdvantage.com.


"To compound matters is the racing surface at Santa Anita Park. One would think with all the science, technology and world class equipment the racetrack surface managers would get it right - a level playing surface, a neutral track or as close to neutral as possible. A review of the racing surface statistics shows a 76% speed bias for the meet. From what I've read, racetrack management has supplemented the surface with differing types of sand in an effort to level the playing field, but jockeys are complaining that the kick back from the new "sand" stings and causes some horses to back out and run wide in an effort to avoid the discomfort from the kickback. Review of video replays confirms their statements."


The full post can be seen here -


Doped Horses on a Juiced Track - Breeders' Cup Lacks Integrity


I tend to agree with him on all points. You might want to put on a different handicapping hat if or when you bet Santa Anita. Every week it seems they have a Pick 6 carryover. "Illogical" winners prevail there and it starts with the main track surface.

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