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Top Horse Analytics is a Windows based computer system designed to handicap thoroughbred horse races. It was developed by myself, a retired IT professional, starting in 2010 and continuing to this day. Incremental improvements are applied to THA once testing confirms better results with the eleven major tracks mentioned below. The advantages of a computer system are that it handicaps without emotion and crunches numbers without fatigue.

Input to the system is in the form of CSV files (comma-separated values) and obtained through Post Time Solutions, a value-added reseller of Equibase data. THA produces picks and statistics for the following tracks across the United States - AQU, BEL, CD, DMR, GP, GPW, KEE, OP, SA, SAR, and TAM. More tracks may be considered in the future. 

Data bases are split for GP into a winter season (GP) and a spring-summer season (GPS). Each track has data bases for the previous two "logical" years and an additional "building" year if the track is active. The data bases for the previous two years are used for testing along with optimizing parameters for the active track data bases.

We currently are posting our selections at Equibase in the Expert Selections area. (see signature below)

Feel free to reply to this post with your questions.



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